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James Harden is a famous NBA basketball player who has a net worth of around $165 million. James Harden has earned a good amount of wealth not only from his playing career but also from endorsements and investments.

James Harden has earned a salary of more than $300 million so far in his career. He has earned approximately $45 million from his endorsement contracts, including his 13-year, $200 million mega-contract with Adidas.

NameJames Harden
✅Date of BirthAugust 26, 1989
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
✅Height6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
✅Weight220 lb (100 kg)
Net Worth$165 million

James Harden has put money into various organizations and companies among his investments. Harden has invested in Mitchell & Ness, a sports apparel manufacturing company. Apart from this, 42 million dollars have been raised for Jackpot which is a leading company in the online lottery sector. Not only this, James Harden bought an equity stake in BodyArmor, a sports drink company, and invested about $15 million in a small stake in MLS’s Houston Dynamo.

James Harden also owns some luxury houses and cars. He has a luxurious house in Houston worth 10 million dollars, which also has an exclusive gym, theater, library, games, etc.

James Harden Wife and Girlfriend

Famous NBA player James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers has an interesting dating history. As per the latest information available, Harden is not married. However, according to media reports, James Harden’s girlfriend is R&B singer Ashanti and the two have been seen together in public several times.

Jessica Janshel is also a former girlfriend of Harden. One of James Harden’s significant relationships was with model and social media influencer Jessica Janshall. She and Harden have been seen together several times since 2017, especially after Harden’s breakup with Khloe Kardashian.


There was also speculation that James Harden might get engaged to cybersecurity consultant Gail Golden in late 2020. The speculation arose after Golden was seen wearing a diamond ring in an Instagram post, sparking engagement rumors. However, James’ mother Monja Willis dismissed these rumors while commenting on social media and revealed that they were not engaged. It is important to note that James Harden and Gail Golden have never publicly confirmed their dating relationship.

James Harden has had relationships with various celebrities, including Brittany Renner, Malaysia Pargo, Lesnik, Khloé Kardashian, Amber Rose, Tahiri Joss, Sara Bellew, Kyra Kaos, and Trina. James Harden and Khloe Kardashian were in a relationship in 2015, but Harden later expressed his distaste for the relationship, stating that he did not like the excessive media attention the relationship received.

In short, as per the latest reports, James Harden is not married and has been linked to several relationships, with Jessica Janshall being the most recent significant relationship.

James Harden Beard

James Harden is known for his famous beard. James Harden is a prominent American professional basketball player. Harden’s beard is an important part of his identity which gives him a special identity in the sports world.

Imagining James Harden without a beard might be a bit unusual, as he has been known for his facial hair throughout most of his professional basketball career. In fact, Harden’s beard is so iconic that it’s hard to find pictures or instances of him without it in recent years.

Harden began his NBA career in 2009 with the Oklahoma City Thunder. James Harden’s beard became a unique part of his personality from that point on. Many funny comments and memes have also been made regarding James Harden’s beard.

Harden has achieved many achievements in his career, including winning the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) and being selected to the All-Star team multiple times. James Harden’s playing style includes excellent scoring ability, passing and defensive performance.

Harden’s beard is not only popular among his fans, but it is also considered an important part of his personal branding. This beard has become an integral part of James Harden’s image and gives him a unique identity in the world of basketball.

Thus, James Harden’s beard is an important part of his personality as well as his game and this beard makes James Harden a recognizable face among basketball fans around the world.

james harden restaurant

James Harden’s restaurant “Thirteen” was inaugurated in Midtown Houston in 2021. This restaurant was previously opened at the location of Mr. Peoples. With this, James Harden took his first step into the world of catering. James Harden’s kitchen is led by Chef Tobias Dorzon, a former NFL player and celebrity chef.

Dorzan has created a menu that blends steakhouse and comfort food with luxury dishes. It includes dishes inspired by beef, Gulf seafood, and soul food. According to Dorzan, Harden gave him complete freedom in creating the menu.


The restaurant’s interior has been completely redesigned and includes a luxurious dining room and a separate luxurious bar/ lounge. Thirteen aims to make an impact in the Houston market with its unique and luxury catering services.

james harden wine

J-HARDEN, the wine launched by James Harden, is an exquisite wine collection that he has created in partnership with Accolade Wines. The mission of this collection is to make quality wines more accessible, diverse and inclusive. The J-HARDEN wine collection includes California Cabernet Sauvignon and California Red Blend. These wines are available online and through major US retailers from September 2022. Their recommended retail price is $16.99.


Harden’s contribution to the project is more than just an equity stake. Combining her love of fashion, art, style and wine, she has teamed up with the Accolade team to create her own take on the taste, look and experience of wine. He says his wines will be “smooth, full-bodied and jammy”. The J-HARDEN label will feature bright colors and a floral design along with an image of Harden’s iconic beard. The partnership aims to make the wine industry more accessible, and James Harden plans to share his personal wine journey on his social media accounts.

The J-HARDEN label is created in collaboration with Jam Shed, a popular global brand within the Accolade Wine portfolio. Jam Shed UK is the second fastest-growing wine brand in the U.S.Also Read.. पायथन प्रोग्रामिंग किसे कहते हैं in hindi

Social Media Account

instagram Instagram11.9M followers@jharden13
Twitter Twitter7.7M Followers@JHarden13

When did Harden start his NBA career?

James Harden started his NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009.

How tall is James Harden?

James Harden’s height is approximately 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm).

Why is Harden’s beard famous?

James Harden’s beard is an important part of his identity and has given him a special identity in the sports world.

What are Harden’s professional accomplishments?

Harden has also ventured into the wine and restaurant business, such as the J-HARDEN wine collection and a restaurant called Thirteen.

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