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Javier Milei is the elected President of Argentina who is an economist, writer, and politician by profession. Javier Milei’s full name is Javier Gerardo Miley. Right-wing libertarian Javier Meili has recently been elected as Argentina’s president. Javier Meili well Known for his radical views and aggressive dramatic style, Miley’s election marked a significant change in Argentine politics. He won the presidency with about 56% of the vote, defeating Peronist economy chief Sergio Massa.

Javier Meili is known for her unconventional ways of doing great work. He uses superhero costumes and wielding chainsaws to symbolize his plans to reduce the size of the state. His rise in popularity, especially among young voters, has been attributed to his dramatic approach and social media campaign which helped him gain significant popularity.


Javier Milei was born on October 22, 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been a university professor for more than two decades teaching various economic subjects and Javier Gerardo Miley is also the author of several books.

NameJavier Milei
Date of Birth22 October 1970 (age 53)
Birth PlaceBuenos Aires, Argentina
Political partyLibertarian
EducationUniversity of Belgrano
Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social
Torcuato di Tella University
School or traditionAustrian School

Javier Milei background

The background of Javier Milei is quite unique. Javier Meili is an economist who entered politics with the goal of fundamentally changing the system. Javier-Milei has openly criticized figures such as Argentina’s Pope Francis, and late football icon Diego Maradona and praised former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Javier Miley is single he has a close group of confidants including the sister who was his campaign manager. Interestingly, he also cloned his dog Conan, believing that the dog, through a medium, had given him the mission to become President.

Javier Milei’s political platform includes significant changes to Argentina’s policies. Javier Miley intends to minimize state functions, relying solely on the market to solve Argentina’s problems. His economic plans include reducing the number of ministries, cutting social assistance schemes and retirement funds, and dollarizing the economy. From a security point of view, he has proposed measures such as investigating the lowering of the minimum age of legal responsibility and adopting a “zero tolerance” policy against crime. His foreign policy leans toward engagement with the United States and Israel and he has expressed his intention to pull Argentina out of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur).

In education and health, Miley plans to merge several ministries into one and create a system of educational vouchers. Javier Meili suggests moving toward an insurance-based public health system and opposes the legal right to voluntarily terminate pregnancy. Javier-Milei views on democracy and human rights have been controversial. Particularly his and his partner’s refusal to tolerate state terrorism during Argentina’s military dictatorship and questioning the democratic compromises made after the dictatorship.

Javier Milei Profession career

Javier Milei has criticized the fiscal policies of various Argentine administrations and advocated a reduction in government spending. He has been a university professor for over twenty years where he has taught macroeconomics, economic development, microeconomics, and mathematics for economists. In 2021, Javier Milei entered politics and was elected national representative of Buenos Aires for La Libertad Avanza. Miley has worked as Chief Economist in several institutions in his early career, including Máxima AFJP, Estudio Broda, and HSBC Argentina. 

Javier Milei was born on 22 October 1970 in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Javier Milei’s mother was a housewife and his father was a bus driver. Miley was raised in the Villa Devoto area and attended Catholic schools. He attended Cardinal Copello High School and later moved to Sáenz Peña, Buenos Aires. He was called ‘El Loco’ (the crazy one) at school. In 1989 he left association football and decided to pursue a career in economics.


Miley held various lead economist positions at Máxima AFJP, Estudio Broda, and the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes. Miley received a degree in economics from the University of Belgrano and a master’s degree from the Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social and Torquato di Tella University.

Javier Miley has been a professor of macroeconomics, the economics of growth, microeconomics, and mathematics for economists for more than twenty years. In 2021, Javier Milei entered politics and was elected as National Vice President for Buenos Aires.

Javier Milei Net Worth

Well-known Argentinian libertarian economist, professor, and political figure, Javier Milei, has an estimated net worth of between $2 million to $5 million USD according to media reports.

Javier Milei Pronunciation

The name “Javier Milei” is pronounced in Spanish, as he is an Argentinian figure. Here’s a breakdown of how to pronounce it:

  • Javier: This is pronounced as “Hah-vee-AIR”. The ‘J’ in Spanish is pronounced like the English ‘H’, the ‘v’ is like the English ‘v’, the ‘i’ is pronounced as a long ‘e’, and the ‘er’ is pronounced as ‘air’.
  • Milei: This is pronounced as “Mee-lay”. The ‘i’ is pronounced like the long ‘e’ in English, and ‘lei’ sounds like ‘lay’.

So, putting it all together, it’s “Hah-vee-AIR Mee-lay”.

Who is Javier Milei?

Javier Milei is a 53-year-old Argentine libertarian and anarcho-capitalist, known for his wild hair and combative style. He entered politics in 2020 with the goal to radically change the system. Before becoming president, he was an economist and a TV pundit​.

What was the outcome of the recent presidential election in Argentina?

Javier Milei won the presidential election in Argentina with around 56% of the vote, defeating Peronist economy chief Sergio Massa, who received 44% of the votes. This victory marks a substantial shift in Argentine politics.

What are some of Javier Milei notable actions and style in politics?

Javier Milei is known for his aggressive and theatrical style. Javier Milei wearing superhero costumes, wielding a chainsaw to symbolize his plans to cut down the size of the state and promote the dollarization of the economy. Javier Milei’s eccentric style and outspoken nature have been key elements in his rise to popularity, especially among younger voters.

What are Javier Milei’s key proposals for Argentina?

Javier Milei’s proposals include an “integral reform” to reduce the functions of the state to a minimum, dollarization of the economy, dismantling the Central Bank, and implementing a “zero tolerance” policy against crime. Javier Mileie also plans to merge several ministries into one, reduce social assistance, and revamp the education and health systems.

How does Javier Milei view international relations and foreign policy?

Javier Milei has expressed alignment with the United States and Israel and initially suggested breaking ties with Brazil and China, Argentina’s main trading partners. However, Javier Milei later toned down this stance. He intends to pull Argentina out of the Mercosur trade bloc and has rejected joining the BRICS group of emerging economies.

What are Javier Milei views on human rights and democracy?

Javier Milei and his running mate, Victoria Villarruel, have challenged some of the foundational consensuses of Argentine democracy post-military dictatorship. Javier Mileiy questions the narrative around state terrorism during the dictatorship and proposes a different interpretation of those events.

What controversies surround Javier Milei?

Javier Milei detractors criticize his lack of political experience, unconventional appearance, and his often expletive-laden tirades against political rivals and figures like the Pope. His maverick status and unorthodox views have been a point of contention in Argentine politics.

In today’s post, I have given you all the information about Javier Milei. If you want to give any information related to this post then ask by commenting below.


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