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The much-anticipated release of Prabhas Starrer Adipurush is just around the corner, scheduled for 16th June 2023. Following the initial teaser’s positive reception, the final action trailer for the film has been unveiled, sparking renewed excitement among the audience. In this Adipurush Movie review, we will delve into the details of the recently released trailer and provide an honest assessment.

Regrettably, the 2:25-minute-long final trailer fails to bring any new content to the table, echoing what was already showcased in the initial teaser. The visual effects (VFX) once again disappoint, exhibiting no notable improvements throughout the film. The overall execution of VFX and CGI remains subpar, hindering the movie’s potential.

Outstanding Music and Memorable Songs in Adipurush Movie Trailer

Despite the setbacks in the visual department, Adipurush shines when it comes to its music. The film boasts top-notch compositions, with chartbuster songs that are sure to resonate with millions worldwide. The locations chosen and the background music (BGM) further enhance the viewing experience, creating an immersive atmosphere. Prabhas and Kriti deliver commendable performances, adding to the overall appeal.

Lackluster Action Sequences and Mediocre CGI

Unfortunately, the film falls short in its execution of action sequences. The poorly executed CGI throughout the fight scenes detracts from the overall impact. The action sequences, which are meant to be the film’s highlights, end up resembling animated cartoons lacking in vitality. While the revised Sita Haran sequence is acceptable, the fight sequences are a significant letdown, likely to have a detrimental effect on the film’s reception.

Dampening the Positive Buzz

The decision to release this Adipurush trailer in its current state seems ill-advised, as it risks dampening the positive buzz the film had previously generated. The lackluster fight and action sequences showcased in the trailer fail to captivate the audience, reducing their anticipation for the film. The visual flaws overshadow the earlier strengths of the first trailer, necessitating significant improvements in terms of VFX and CGI.

Adipurush Final Trailer Review watch online in Full HD
Adipurush Final Trailer Review watch online in Full HD

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While the Adipurush final trailer maintains the exceptional musical aspects and showcases commendable performances by the lead actors, the lackluster execution of VFX and CGI hampers its overall impact. The repetitive content and disappointing fight sequences contribute to a mixed reception among viewers. With the film’s release drawing closer, it is crucial for the makers to address the visual shortcomings and deliver an experience that lives up to the audience’s expectations. Only time will tell if Adipurush can overcome its flaws and emerge as a truly memorable cinematic masterpiece.

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