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BERLIN: Netflix is taking its popular Spanish drama series, Money Heist, also known as La Casa De Papel, to new heights with an exciting spinoff.

The streaming giant recently unveiled a sneak peek of the highly anticipated series, Berlin, during a fan event held in São Paulo, Brazil. Berlin, played by the talented Pedro Alonso, takes center stage in this spinoff, captivating audiences with his enthralling character.

Berlin’s Legacy: Mastermind of Heists and the Royal Mint

As the brilliant second-in-command of the Royal Mint of Spain heist, Berlin has made his mark in the world of high-stakes robberies. Alongside The Professor and Palermo, Berlin orchestrated the daring Bank of Spain heist, cementing his reputation as a mastermind. In the teaser, viewers are introduced to Berlin’s latest audacious plan: a heist targeting one of the top auction houses in Paris.


Exciting Teaser: Unveiling Berlin’s Next Big Score

Watch the gripping teaser above for a glimpse into Berlin’s world of calculated risks and thrilling heists. The spinoff series is set to debut on Netflix in December, promising fans a captivating continuation of the Money Heist universe.

The Phenomenon of Money Heist

Money Heist, created by the talented Alex Pina, follows the gripping narrative of the heists through the eyes of Tokyo, portrayed by Ursula Corbero. The ensemble cast includes Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Enrique Arce, Rodrigo de la Serna, Darko Peric, Najwa Nimri, Hovik Keuchkerian, Luka Peros, Belén Cuesta, Fernando Cayo, Fernando Soto, Jose Manuel Poga, and Mario de la Rosa.

Alex Pina, who has an overall deal with Netflix, serves as the executive producer of the series. Initially commissioned by Spain’s Antena 3, Money Heist has become a global phenomenon under Pina’s creative guidance. Working alongside Sonia Martínez, Jesús Colmenar, Esther Martínez Lobato, and Nacho Manubens, Pina continues to captivate audiences with his brilliant storytelling.

An Exciting Spanish Web Series: Berlin’s Official Trailer

For fans eagerly anticipating the spinoff series, Netflix has released the official trailer for Berlin, featuring the talented Michelle Jenner and Najwa Nimri. Directed by David Barrocal, the web series promises to deliver thrilling moments and captivating performances. To catch a glimpse of what awaits in Berlin, watch the trailer video below. Stay up-to-date with the latest Spanish trailers, trending web series, and exciting content featuring Michelle Jenner and Najwa Nimri on ETimes – Times of India Entertainment.

Berlin: A Prequel Spinoff Unveils a Legendary Crew

When the cost of living becomes unbearable, the only solution is an elaborate heist. Andrés de Fonollosa, also known as Berlin, finds himself embarking on such an endeavor. In Netflix’s prequel spinoff series, Berlin takes center stage, providing audiences a glimpse into his early years and the formation of an exceptional heist crew. Join Berlin and his crew members: Cameron (Begona Vargas), Roi (Julio Peña), Damián (Tristán Ulloa), Keila (Michelle Jenner), and Bruce (Joel Sanchez) as they embark on a journey to steal €44 million in a single afternoon.


The Charismatic Berlin: A Compelling Antihero

Despite his morally complex nature, Berlin captivated audiences in the original Money Heist series. Pedro Alonso’s exceptional portrayal showcased Berlin’s magnetic charisma, blurring the lines between ally and antagonist. Although Berlin’s story seemingly came to an end at the conclusion of the first heist, his character resurfaced through flashbacks and now enjoys a fully-fledged TV show dedicated to his captivating journey. Get a taste of what’s in store for Berlin in the enticing teaser trailer released during Netflix’s TUDUM event.

A Monumental Success: Money Heist and Its Impact

The success of Money Heist has extended far beyond its original Spanish roots. The series has inspired a Korean remake titled “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” featuring Park Hae-soo from the popular series “Squid Game” in the role of Berlin. Both “Squid Game” and “Money Heist” rank among Netflix’s greatest triumphs in non-English language TV shows. “Squid Game” holds the prestigious title of Netflix’s most-watched international series, amassing a staggering 1.65 billion viewing hours within the first 28 days of its release. In second place, we have “Money Heist: Part 5,” with an impressive 729 million hours of viewing.

Expectations and Cameos: A Treat for Money Heist Fans

With the confirmation of some familiar faces in the cast, “Berlin” is poised to enthrall Money Heist enthusiasts. Fans can hope for potential cameos from beloved characters such as The Professor (Álvaro Morte) or Berlin’s close associate Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna). However, even if these appearances don’t materialize, viewers can look forward to bidding a final “Bella Ciao” to Berlin. Until his next thrilling appearance, that is.

Prepare to be captivated by the brilliance of Berlin and his enthralling heist crew when the spinoff series debuts. Netflix’s expansion of the Money Heist universe promises fans an extraordinary journey into the intricate world of high-stakes robberies, filled with suspense, action, and unforgettable characters. Stay tuned for Berlin’s grand debut on Netflix!

Also Read…

What is the spinoff series Berlin about?

Berlin is a prequel spinoff series that focuses on the character Andrés de Fonollosa, also known as Berlin, from the popular Spanish drama series Money Heist. It delves into his early years and the formation of a legendary heist crew as they plan to steal €44 million in a single afternoon.

Who plays the character Berlin in the spinoff series?

Pedro Alonso portrays the captivating character of Berlin in both the original Money Heist series and its spinoff.

Will other familiar characters from Money Heist appear in Berlin?

While specific cameos have not been confirmed, fans can hope for appearances from beloved characters such as The Professor (Álvaro Morte) or Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna). The spinoff series promises to bring exciting elements for Money Heist enthusiasts.

When will Berlin be available to stream on Netflix?

Berlin is expected to debut on Netflix in December. Fans can look forward to immersing themselves in the thrilling world of Berlin and his heist crew soon.

What other international successes are associated with Money Heist?

Money Heist has achieved remarkable success worldwide, with a Korean remake titled “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” featuring Park Hae-soo. Additionally, “Squid Game” and “Money Heist: Part 5” stand as two of Netflix’s most-watched non-English language series, further highlighting the impact of these remarkable shows.

Who are the creators and executive producers of Money Heist and Berlin?

Alex Pina, who has an overall deal with Netflix, created Money Heist. The series was originally commissioned by Spain’s Antena 3 and has garnered international acclaim. Alongside Pina, executive producers include Sonia Martínez, Jesús Colmenar, Esther Martínez Lobato, and Nacho Manubens.

Where can I watch the official trailer for Berlin?

The official trailer for Berlin can be viewed on Netflix and various online platforms. Stay tuned for exciting glimpses into the captivating world of Berlin and his thrilling heists.

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