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Carson Wentz’s wife’s name is Madison Oberg. They both met when Wentz played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz married Madison Oberg in the year 2018. Madison and Carson are often active in community service through their religion and charitable work.

Carson Wentz kept his wedding ceremony and his personal life very private. Wentz occasionally posts about his wife and family on social media which gives fans an insight into Carson Wentz’s personal life.

Carson and Madison founded the AO1 Foundation, which Wentz launched in 2017. This Foundation mainly works on three objectives which are as follows

  1. Providing food for hungry people abroad.
  2. Outdoor Activities for Youth in America
  3. To provide sports programs and provide physical and spiritual support for persons engaged in service.

Madison Wentz is often seen active with her husband in these AO1 Foundation activities.

Know Who is colts carson wentz?

Carson James Wentz is an American football quarterback who is currently with the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League (NFL). Carson played his college football at North Dakota State University. he led the North Dakota State University team to two of five NCAA FCS National Championships. Carson Wentz was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. The Philadelphia Eagles selected Carson Wentz second overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. This. is a record-high selection for an FCS player.

NameCarson Wentz
(Los Angeles Rams)
Height6 feet 5 inch
High schoolCentury (Bismarck, North Dakota)
College:North Dakota State (2011–2015)
Carson Wentz WifeMadison Oberg

The pinnacle of Wentz’s tenure with the Eagles came in 2017 when he led their campaign to an 11–2 season. Carson James Wentz was sidelined with a season-ending injury. But he helped his team clinch the top seed in the opening game, giving them their first Super Bowl championship in Super Bowl LII. Next season Carson Wentz once again led the Eagles to the playoffs but injuries limited Wentz’s time on the field. After playing a few seasons with the Eagles, Carson Wentz was traded to the Colts in 2021.

Carson Wentz played with the Indianapolis Colts in the 2021 NFL season. Carson Wentz’s tenure with the Colts was limited to one season. Wentz played several games for the Colts and played a vital role for the team but his time there had mixed results. he gave some excellent performances during the season but was inconsistent in some games. Following the end of his season with the Colts, he was again traded to the Washington Commanders.

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Carson Wentz Family

Carson Wentz was born on December 30, 1992 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is the son of Doug Wentz and Cathy Domres. entz married Madison Oberg in 2018. And he also has daughters.


Wentz devotes a large part of his time to religious and charity work. He founded the “AO1 Foundation”, which works to help the needy around the world. Both his family and his charity organization are important in his life.


carson wentz injury

Carson Wentz has suffered from several injuries during his career, due to which his play has been greatly affected. His first major injury came in the 2017 season, when he was emerging as the star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Below are details of some of his major injuries:

  • 2015 (college): Wentz missed several games due to a wrist injury.
  • 2017 ACL & LCL Tear: Wentz tore the ACL and LCL in his left knee, missing the remainder of the season. He also missed the 2017 ACL & LCL tear in Super Bowl LII, which the Eagles won. This injury is a big stain in Carson Wentz career.
  • 2018 Back Fracture: Wentz again suffered a back injury the following year which resulted in a fracture. Due to this back injury, Carson Wentz had to leave the games at the end of the 2018 season.
  • 2019 Head Injury: Wentz suffered a head injury following a collision during the Wild Card Playoff Game and was forced to exit the game under concussion protocol.
  • 2020 Soft Tissue Injuries: Wentz’s career was marred by various other minor injuries in 2020, including soft tissue injuries.
  • 2021 Ankle Sprains: In his first season with the Indianapolis Colts, Wentz suffered sprains in both ankles that kept him out of action for some time.
  • 2022 season: Wentz also faced injuries in his first season with the Washington Commanders.

Carson Wentz’s injury history has had a significant impact on his career.  These injury has led to frequent ups and downs in his performance. He has been able to bounce back from injuries several times, but these injuries have hindered him from playing for a long time. Carson Wentz’s long injury history has impacted his performance and availability. This has been one of the reasons why teams have hesitated in moving forward with him.

carson wentz contract

Carson Wentz’s contract and his financial details have changed over time and he has signed many different contracts at different stages of his career. Wentz is known to be under contract until April 2023 with the Philadelphia Eagles, in which he signed a major extension contract.

Rookie contract (2016): After being drafted in 2016, Wentz signed a four-year rookie contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Which is standard for first-round draft picks. This contract included a fifth-year option.

In 2019 Carson Wentz was signed Wentz with 8 million for a four-year contract extension that included 7 million in guaranteed money. This was the largest guaranteed amount for any player in NFL history at the time.

His contract continued with the Colts when he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in 2021. But a year later the Colts traded him to the Washington Commanders. With this trade, the Commanders also had to bear some of the financial burden of their contract.

Trade to Washington Commanders (2022): After his time with the Colts, Wentz was traded to the Washington Commanders, and he continued to play under the terms of the contract he originally signed with the Eagles.

carson wentz commanders

Carson Wentz was traded from the Indianapolis Colts to the Washington Commanders in the 2022 NFL off-season. This trade came after a one-year contract with the Colts where his performance was up and down. With the Commanders, Carson was brought into the team’s offensive leadership role.

Carson Wentz faced many challenges after joining Commanders. The team needed a stable and capable quarterback and he was expected to fit that role. He got the chance to gel with the team’s attacking players and improve his performance which had faced criticism in the previous season.

Carson Wentz’s ability and experience led to several good seasons in the NFL but injuries and inconsistent performance hampered his career. his style is known for his massive throws and mobility but he also had to work on his decision-making and game management skills.

indianapolis colts carson wentz

Carson Wentz’s tenure with the Indianapolis Colts was very short. He was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Colts in the 2021 offseason. As part of this trade, Wentz played for the Colts in the 2021 NFL season.


The main purpose of bringing in Carson Wentz to the Colts was to improve the team’s offense and take them to the playoffs. There they had a strong running game and a solid defense that was expected to help them. Carson Wentz had some ups and downs during the season but overall he performed decently. However, after some disappointing performances at the beginning of the season, the Colts ultimately failed to qualify for the playoffs despite winning their last few games.

The Colts team distanced itself from Carson Wentz. Subsequently, Wentz was traded to the Washington Commanders in the 2022 offseason. His time with Wentz ultimately was not as successful as initially expected and he continued to try to maintain his previous star profile.

Carson Wentz Career

Carson Wentz has played with various teams in the NFL. He began his professional football career in 2016 with the Philadelphia Eagles. where he played for five seasons. While playing for the Philadelphia Eagles he led the team to many important victories with his playing skills and leadership abilities.

In 2021, Wentz made his move to the Indianapolis Colts. Carson performance there was in line with his previous performances, and he made significant contributions to the team. In 2022, Carson signed a contract with the Washington Commanders and played a key role in their offensive scheme.

Philadelphia Eagles2016–2020
Indianapolis Colts2021
Washington Commanders2022
Los Angeles Rams2023–present

Currently, in 2023, Wentz is associated with the Los Angeles Rams, and he is a part of the team’s active roster. Carson Wentz presence with the Rams has further strengthened the team’s offense. With Carson Wentz’s experience and understanding of the game, more success is expected for the team in the coming matches. His career graph is seen as a supremely talented player and his contributions are appreciated in the football community.

Award List

Carson Wentz started his championship-winning streak during his college days, where he became FCS champion five times in a row from 2011 to 2015. This five-time championship reflects Carson Wentz leadership and depth of play.

Carson Wentz talent and ability to thrive in the NFL became even more evident when he was honored with multiple awards in 2017. That year Wentz helped his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, win Super Bowl LII which became a golden moment of his career. For his outstanding performances throughout the year, he was named Second-Team All-Pro and was also selected to the Pro Bowl.

In the same year, Carson was also awarded the Bert Bell Award. which symbolizes his outstanding performance and contribution to professional football.

  • Super Bowl champion (LII)
  • Second-team All-Pro (2017)
  • Pro Bowl (2017)
  • Bert Bell Award (2017)
  • 5× FCS champion (2011–2015)

Career NFL statistics

Passing attempts3,284
Passing completions2,056
Completion percentage62.6%
Passing yards22,129
Passer rating89.3
Rushing yards1,362

Who is Carson Wentz?

Carson Wentz is a professional American football quarterback.  Carson Wentz plays for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL).

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