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Jake Paul is known as a famous American professional boxer, social media influencer, and rapper. Jake Paul net worth is currently $34.3M according to Forbes. Apart from Jake Paul’s boxing career, this net worth also includes income from his YouTube channel which has more than 20.5 million subscribers. Jake Paul’s net worth includes income from boxing and YouTube, as well as social media platforms, brand endorsements, and other sources.

NameJake Joseph Paul
Ageage 26
January 17, 1997
social media influencer
RelativesLogan Paul (brother)
YT ChannelJakePaulProductions

jake paul Age

Jake Paul is an American YouTuber, actor, and professional boxer. He was born on 17 January 1997. Hence his age as of December 2024 is 27 years.

Jake Paul’s career started by making videos on YouTube with his brother Logan Paul. He came into the limelight many times due to his controversial behavior and videos. He also worked in the television series ‘Bizaardvark’ but he was later fired from the show.

Jake Paul also started his professional boxing career and participated in several bouts. He was also in the news for his boxing matches, in which he defeated some famous players. Both his victory and defeat were much talked about on social media.

Jake Paul has had many ups and downs in his life and career and is known for his controversial actions. He has created a huge fan base but at the same time, he also has a lot of critics.

Jake Paul Twitter

Jake Paul’s Twitter account is one of his social media profiles and is an important part of his personal image and public presence. Jake Paul uses his Twitter account to connect directly with his fans, share his thoughts and opinions, give updates on his career, and discuss various topics.

Jake Paul’s tweets often relate to his personal life, boxing career, and other professional endeavors. They share their accomplishments, upcoming events, and other promotional materials on Twitter. Apart from this, he also expresses his opinion on various social and political issues which sometimes raise controversies.

NameJake Paul
TwitterTwitter Handle@jakepaul
Followers4.6 Million

Jake Paul’s Twitter profile is an important resource for his fans as it brings them closer to Jake’s personal life and professional activities. His fans can get a glimpse of his thoughts, feelings, and daily life through his tweets.

However, when evaluating Jake Paul’s Twitter account it is also important to note that he often posts controversial and promotional content which causes controversy at times. His tweets receive both criticism and praise, and this has become a part of his online fame.

Jake Paul Boxing Career

Jake Paul’s boxing career is a unique and controversial chapter, taking him from being an internet celebrity to being recognized as a professional boxer.

Total fights8
Wins by KO4
Jake Paul Boxing Career

Jake Paul started his boxing career in 2018, when he competed against his fellow British YouTuber Daisy in an amateur bout and won. After this, Jake Paul ventured into professional boxing and he defeated Anusubi Gibb in his first professional match.


There has been controversy regarding his boxing style and technique, but he has proved that he is serious in this sport by continuously defeating his opponents. He has also defeated some famous personalities such as former NBA player Nate Robinson and MMA fighter Ben Askren.

Jake Paul’s boxing matches have received massive media coverage and public interest. Their matches are often high-profile events, involving large promotions, live streaming, and large viewership. His victory has given him recognition in the boxing world, although his credibility is still questioned by many.

The most important aspect of Jake Paul’s boxing career is that he has brought the sport to a new generation of viewers and given it a new dimension. His career is still going on, and he is constantly improving his boxing skills. Both his achievements and challenges make him a controversial but much-loved player.

jake paul girlfriend

Jake Paul’s current girlfriend is Jutta Leerdam, a 24-year-old Dutch professional speed skater. Leerdam has gained significant recognition in the world of speed skating, having won the 1,000-meter world title twice, in 2020 and 2023, and a silver medal at the 2022 Winter Olympics. She also secured a gold at the World Sprint Championships in 2022. Leerdam’s passion for skating began at a young age, originally playing hockey before realizing that speed skating was her true calling due to its individualistic nature.

Paul, known for his career as a YouTuber and professional boxer, was linked to Leerdam by TMZ, and their relationship was later confirmed through Paul’s Instagram post where he shared intimate photos of the couple with the caption, “I’m Dutch now.” This public display on social media has led many fans to consider them officially an item.

Before his relationship with Leerdam, Paul was in an on-and-off relationship with Julia Rose, an Instagram model and YouTube star, from 2020 to 2023. They met on the set of Paul’s music video for “These Days” and had a highly publicized relationship with several breakups before their final split in December 2022.


Leerdam, similar to Paul, has built a significant social media presence, with a substantial following across various platforms. This digital influence complements her successful career in professional sports.

Information about Jake Paul’s current relationship status often changes based on his social media updates or media reports from time to time. According to Jake Paul, he has been in some major relationships. These include:

  • Erica Costell: Jake Paul and Erica Costell’s relationship has been much talked about. They were very close at one time and their relationship was very much discussed in public.
  • Tana Monzo: The relationship between Jake Paul and Tana Monzo was also in the news a lot in the media. Both their marriage (which was later revealed to be a prank) and their relationship were controversial and high-profile.

Julia Rose: His relationship with Julia Rose is also publicly known, and also received a lot of attention in the media.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is an American YouTuber, actor, and professional boxer. He is famous for his videos and controversies.

When was Jake Paul born?

Jake Paul was born on 17 January 1997.

How has Jake Paul’s professional boxing career been?

Jake Paul has achieved many victories in professional boxing and he has also defeated some famous personalities. His boxing career has been controversial and talked about.

How did Jake Paul’s YouTube career start?

Jake Paul, along with his brother Logan Paul, started making videos on YouTube and gradually their popularity increased.

What is known about Jake Paul’s love affairs?

Jake Paul has had several high-profile relationships, including Erica Costell, Tana Monzo, and Julia Rose. Their relationships are often discussed in public.

What can be said about Jake Paul’s television and film career?

Jake Paul starred in the Disney Channel series ‘Bizaardvark’, but due to controversies he was later removed from it. He has also worked in some other films and projects.

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