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Matt Petgrave Biography, career , education

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Professional ice hockey player Matt Petgrave is a defenceman. Matt Petgrave’s job as a defenseman is to prevent the opposing team from scoring and assist his team’s defensive strategy. Over his career, Matt Petgrave has played for a variety of teams. Matt Petgrave was a defenseman in ice hockey who also made significant contributions to his team.

Before going professional, Matt Petgrave began playing hockey at an early age and progressed through the amateur and junior ranks. A turning point in Petgrave’s career occurred following the death of another hockey player, Adam Johnson, during an ice hockey game. Not because of his sporting prowess but rather because of the moral and legal ramifications of the terrible ice tragedy, Adam Johnson gained notoriety after his death. Because he has been arrested for the incident of Adam Johnson’s death.

Matt Petgrave Biography, career , education

Matt Petgrave Adam Johnson incident

Most recently, Nottingham Panthers player Adam Johnson was killed in an incident while playing ice hockey in which Matt Petgrave was involved. Due to this incident, Petgrave has been arrested on suspicion of murder. This incident occurred during a hockey game in England where Adam Johnson’s throat was accidentally cut by Petgrave’s skate. Johnson died tragically due to his throat being cut.

Despite the death of Adam Johnson, there has been some support for Petgrave within the hockey community. Adam Johnson’s fans have defended Petgrave, saying that the collision during the game that resulted in Johnson’s death was an unfortunate accident and that Matt Petgrave did not intentionally cause the incident.

matt petgrave adam johnson video

Professional ice hockey player Matt Petgrave’s name has come to the fore mainly due to his involvement in a tragic incident on the ice. Matt Petgrave’s involvement resulted in the death of Adam Johnson.

The incident occurred on October 28 during a game between the Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers in the Elite Ice Hockey League. 29-year-old Nottingham Panthers player Adam Johnson’s throat was accidentally cut by the skate of Matt Petgrave, who was playing for Sheffield Steelers at the time.

Following the incident, 31-year-old Matt Petgrave has been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the death of Adam Johnson. Due to this, there was a brief silence in the National Hockey League (NHL) and a feeling of shock and grief among players and fans alike.

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Matt Petgrave Early Career

Matt Petgrave was born on 29 January 1992 in Toronto Ontario Canada. Matt Petgrave is 6 feet 1 inch tall. Weighing in at 201 pounds, Matt Petgrave has had a career as an ice hockey defenseman in multiple leagues and teams.

Ontario Hockey League (OHL): Petgrave began his major junior hockey career in the OHL, playing for the Niagara IceDogs, Owen Sound Attack, and Oshawa Generals. Matt Petgrave was particularly successful as a defenseman with these teams. Matt Petgrave had 37 points in 61 games for the Owen Sound Attack and 50 points in 50 games for the Oshawa Generals.

University of New Brunswick: After his OHL career, Petgrave attended the University of New Brunswick for four years, continuing to play hockey and contributing significantly to his team’s success​


Matt Petgrave Professional Career

  • ECHL and AHL: Matt Petgrave has played in the ECHL in his professional career for teams like Brampton Beast, Florida Everblades, and Kansas City Mavericks. Matt Petgrave’s performance in the ECHL was quite good in which he scored a lot of points, besides his contribution to the team as well. Was important. Matt Petgrave has played in the American Hockey League (AHL) for teams such as the Laval Rocket, Belleville Senators, and Utica Comets.
  • European Leagues: Matt Petgrave has also played in European leagues including the Slovakian Extraleague for Spišská Nová Ves HK and the Czech Republic League for Pardubice HC. In the Slovak League, Matt Petgrave scored 29 points in 34 games.
  • British Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL): Matt Petgrave most recently played for the Sheffield Steelers in the EIHL where he showcased his skills as a defenseman. Matt Petgrave scored 48 points in 54 games in his latest season with the Sheffield Steelers.

Education & Career Overview

Matt Petgrave received his higher education from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Canada. He attended UNB on a scholarship earned during his time in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Petgrave continued to play hockey while at the University of New Brunswick. Contributed significantly to the team’s success while playing for the university.

  • League: Matt Petgrave has played in eight different hockey competitions throughout his career. Matt Petgrave has demonstrated his adaptability and skill well in all of these LEGOs.
  • Playing Style: Matt Petgrave plays an important role as an attacking defenseman in preventing goals and contributing to his team’s overall defensive strategy.

Matt Petgrave plays in competitive hockey junior leagues mostly in North America and Europe. Matt Petgrave’s skill as a defenseman has been on display throughout his career. Whatever team Matt Petgrave has been a part of, he has proved to be a valuable player for that team.

Matt Petgrave Education & Career Overview
Matt Petgrave Education & Career Overview

Who is Matt Petgrave? 

Matt Petgrave is a professional ice hockey defenseman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, born on January 29, 1992. Matt Petgrave played in various hockey leagues like OHL, ECHL, AHL, and European leagues.

What teams has Matt Petgrave played for?

Petgrave has played for several teams, including the Niagara IceDogs, Owen Sound Attack, Oshawa Generals, Brampton Beast, Laval Rocket, and Sheffield Steelers, among others.

What notable incident is Matt Petgrave associated with?

Petgrave was involved in a tragic on-ice incident that led to the death of Adam Johnson, a fellow player. This incident resulted in Petgrave’s arrest on suspicion of manslaughter.

Where did Matt Petgrave receive his education?

Petgrave attended the University of New Brunswick, where he continued to play hockey while presumably pursuing his studies.

What are Matt Petgrave’s achievements in hockey?

Petgrave has been known for his solid defensive skills and point production. He notably scored 48 points in 54 games for the Sheffield Steelers in the 2022-23 season.

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