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The first trailer for Sushmita Sen, a former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress, and her upcoming web series Tali has been made public. Sushmita Sen will make a triumphant return to the OTT platform once more. The transgender Gauri Sawant is the subject of this television series.

The trailer was shared online with the phrase, “This story of the journey from abuse to clap,” written by the film’s creators. Shree Gauri Sawant’s struggle for transgender people in India is told here. As a result, this caravan is spreading like wildfire online. Sushmita De portrays a transgender character quite well in the video, as can be observed.

Actress Sushmita Sen’s love life has been the topic of conversation for a few days. In the meantime, she debuted the first image from her new web series “Tali,” in which she plays transgender rights advocate Gauri Sawant. Sushmita posted a stirring image from “Tali” and an excellent post. The web series “Arya” helped the actress establish herself sooner on digital channels. ‘Arya’ has had two seasons so far, and the audience has very well regarded both.

Sushmita Sen shared the “Tali” poster and said, “Tali bajaungi nahi, bajwaungi.” The web series by Shri Gauri Sawant Ji has now received its first glance. Nothing makes me happier than the knowledge that I was able to share this tale with the world and play this lovely character. Everybody has the right to a dignified life. Thank you to everybody.

The daughter and brother-in-law responded.

Sushmita Sen’s daughter Rene Sen and sister-in-law Charu Asopa both remarked on this expression. The daughter expressed her mother’s pride in you in a letter. We adore you a lot. Charu wrote while responding to the initial impression. This style is fantastic. Sister, we are so proud of you. Keep going forward in this manner. I adore you, didi The supporters also applauded Sushmita and wished her luck, just like Arya, at the same moment.

Gauri Sawant’s identity

The Gauri Sawant character in the Taali web series. ‘Sakhi Char Chowgi’ was started in 2010 by social worker Gauri. For the past few years, she has been advocating on behalf of poor people. Gauri assists transgender people who have fled their homes with this NGO. In the six-episode web series Taali, Gauri’s life and struggles are shown. Ganesh Nandan, who was born into a Marathi household, was the real name of Gauri Sawant. When he was only seven years old, his mother had passed away. Gauri Sawant’s grandma then raised her. Gauri Sawant was unable to find the guts to inform her father when she was older and realised she was gay.

And when informed, he refused. Gauri Sawant then left the house. Gauri Sawant had a vaginoplasty once more, changing her name from Ganesh Nandan to Gauri Sawant for good.

Watch “Tali” online at Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema will provide “Tali” for streaming. Nevertheless, the precise release date has not yet been chosen. However, when Sushmita’s new series was announced, the fans are enthusiastic. There has been a stir among them on social media even after seeing the movie poster. Sushmita is being praised by fans who refer to her as a “lioness.” The director of “Tali” is Ravi Jadhav.


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